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The Federation of St Giles' and St Andrew's

Our Values and Ethos

School Vision

At St Giles’ and St Andrew’s C of E Primary Schools, we are curious, excited and really love to learn.  As a Church school, we believe in serving our community based on the love of God for everyone.  We support each other to become robust, independent learners who persevere, have the courage and confidence to be creative, imaginative and care for one another and the community we live in. Our school is inclusive, making every one of us welcome.  It sets us suitable learning challenges and responds to our needs, ensuring that we reach our potential and are fulfilled.  These are the golden threads that weave through our work and are exemplified by our values – Respect, Trust, Love and Forgiveness within both schools and beyond.

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St Giles'C of E Primary School

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St Andrew'sC of E Primary School

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