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The Federation of St Giles' and St Andrew's

Our Federation

The Federation of St Giles’ and St Andrew’s C of E Primary Schools

The federation, created in September 2017 brought together in partnership, two rural primary schools to provide a modern, forward thinking approach to excellent primary practice.  We serve our local community  by providing an exciting and challenging learning environment in a fantastic rural setting on the Essex/Suffolk border.


The federation means that each school:

  • Keeps its own identity
  • Keeps its own name and uniform
  • Has its own separate budget
  • Share resources
  • Have separate Ofsted inspections
  • Work in close partnership for the benefit of all the children
  • Has a shared governing board that sets the strategic vision across both schools and ensures educational and financial accountability
  • Has its own admission arrangements, handled by Learning Services at Essex County Council


What a federation means for our children:

  • A consistent approach to teaching and learning across both schools
  • Increased capacity to meet the needs of children through the sharing of knowledge and resources
  • The opportunity for combined community activities
  • Increased confidence gained by links/activities with children from the other school
  • Aligned curriculum





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